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Thomas Edward Yorke

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[07 Sep 2004|02:10am]
[ mood | something more real for a change ]

not closing the book, but ending a very long chapter.Collapse )

11's still on the payroll.. (..phew for a minute there, I lost myself..) karma police?

memories carried on your voice to the wind. [23 Aug 2003|05:21pm]
[ mood | open ]

wonder if my hands have a memory of their own, if it's not all up in my brain. i do have callouses, after all; from writing, from the guitar, from consistently running my left-hand thumb over this rough piece of wood, this little carved animal my son gave to me. 'for good luck, dad,' he'd said. i think it's supposed to be a tiger, with gaping mouth and fangs and long tail gracefully curled about a hind leg. vaguely threatening, stiff stance. i call him hobbes. he lives in my pockets.

scars. my skin has a memory. so why not my hands?
i'll always remember how to hold a guitar, how to manipulate the strings so it will make the sounds i want from it.
how to dance my fingers across the keys of a piano. how to type. how to hold a baby.

rachel is so familiar under my fingertips, they know where to go and what to do without much conscious thought on my part. when we are able to steal a moment alone together, sometimes it's as if we return to a unique landscape all our own, somewhere not a part of the every day world that never stops.

what if instincts are as much a part of your bones and in your blood, as they are a part of your brain. it's said that love is a chemical reaction. couldn't it be carried in your blood, then? i know a small number of people who seem to have their own place under my skin, in my veins. it happens whether i want it to, or not.
the brain needs the body or it will die, will have no purpose. the body needs the brain in order to function. one without the other is useless. but together, it all makes sense. it works, becomes something far beyond what one could be alone.
being in a band is like that.

16's still on the payroll.. (..phew for a minute there, I lost myself..) karma police?

WeBCaSt [21 Dec 2002|02:27pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

Hello again. I hope you all enjoyed our little show the other night. I didn't feel like announcing it here, as this journal is more for personal ramblings and other dysfunctional thoughts. More of these later...any comments on the show welcome
I am taking a quick little trip to London to share a sandwhich with dita_von_teese

nuf si tenretni eht no gnignis


karma police?

Ed now has a journal. [03 Apr 2002|06:15pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Everyone please go welcome, now, also from my.. from Radiohead.. ed_obrien. Thank you.

When I get to be on here more I'm going to work on my coding a bit and color-code my friends' entries.

Any new ideas for a screenname for me? I Might Be Thom was indeed taken. I liked that one too. Who really might be Thom but me anyway? I'll have to investigate.. from a safe distance.

Much later,

Also; I love you Rachel. I hope I do make you happy. Please understand I don't ever mean to be distant, and besides most of my bandmates you are the one person I trust. Forever love; our souls joined as one, fused by the moment I first saw you, held together by a growing love I hope never freezes and dies, stutters or falls. We're going to be a-ok, love. Just you watch.

5's still on the payroll.. (..phew for a minute there, I lost myself..) karma police?

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