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[I won't go quietly, I'd like to at least leave a parting message. I'm not here to bully someone out of a role, although I'd have the right to if I chose to. I'm aware of the other Thom, and have been for a while but I hadn't decided what I'd do until today. I am disappointed so many of you condemned me in favour of him, and I could throw out the usual gripe of "Don't you want quality over quantity!?" but from what I've seen, he/she isn't half bad in the role. So I'll show more respect for someone who afforded me little. Good luck with the role! I'm happy that you're willing to be active and give the masses what they apparently want. Consider this my blessing to become the official MBP Thom Yorke. And hope no one does to you what you did to me, because it's an unpleasant thing to have happen to you.

I have had celebrity roleplaying/parody journals before Must Be Pop was a formed group, and it still amazes me how far it's come. Yet for all its good aspects, there are probably an equal or greater number of bad.

It has brought out the worst in a lot of you. I've witnessed some incredibly two faced, back-stabbing childish behaviour carry over into brackets for almost the whole time I've been around. You hide behind your character names while roleplaying yourselves and being assholes and you think it's okay. I never could understand that mentality, but I'm not here to lecture. To each his own.

I have finally reached a point in my life where not only am I extremely busy in the offline realm, but I'm also happy. I think previously I've used writing and roleplaying as an escape from reality, and it became too unhealthy as I was drawn in so totally. Now I'm living my own life and have experienced so many wonderful things, instead of living through characters and wondering why nothing good comes my way. Well, I made it happen. It might do a lot of you good if you put more effort into your real lives instead of your fake lives, too. Or not. What does any of it matter, really? Whatever makes you happy.

It was a natural progression for me to lose interest in this journal and roleplaying game as I became more content in my real life. I am sincerely sorry to those I've disappointed in my time here, players and readers alike. To those who have made this truly fun for me, thank you so much. You were all a joy to interact with. I've had a great time portraying Thom, and of course my love for the 'Head boys and their music will continue regardless of the state of this journal and role.

I was not the original creator of this journal, but I've been playing him for the longest of all the previous owners I believe. I may update him still from time to time, and I hope you can all calm yourselves before leaving nasty replies. It may be a week from now, or a year, or perhaps never. Please recognise that it's not me trying to "override" someone, or reclaim a role that was once mine, it will be purely for my own enjoyment. If you'd like to be removed from this Thom's friends list, all you have to do is remove this journal first. It's simple.

See you when I see you.

-"Thom Yorke"]
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for what it's worth, i've always enjoyed reading this journal. cheers, and all the best to you.
well, speaking as a civilian who just enjoyed reading your journal, i will miss your posts, few and far apart though they have been. i'm glad to know you have a good life outside of this game, as that is something i've always wondered about with regards to roleplayers. i think you are a very talented writer and i will miss your posts. i will not take you off my list, but will be patient and maybe get a chance to read your words again someday. take care thom yorke:)
what headhead said. :D

will miss you :(

I really and truly enjoyed your Thom, for what that's worth. I do not know what else to say; except I had no part with the new Thom making their journal. They just showed up. Of course I have been interacting with them now, but that's beside the point. I will not remove you from my friends list. I would have a long time ago if I really wanted to. Anyways, it's been fun, and you'll be missed regardless of what has happened.

Good luck in real life. Cheers.

[For what it's worth, it wasn't my intention to drive you from the role, as I stated in my journal. I merely wanted to give people an active Thom to play until such time as you chose to return to the role. At any rate, cheers for the kind words and the blessing. I'll try to do him justice on the same level you did.]
I thought you were a fantastic Thom. :D I actually tried with the celeb journal thing over at Greatestjournal, and it's much harder than it looks. But I think you did great, and I'm sorry to see go. ;__; (Personally, I didn't like the Ed on here AT ALL.)

Anyway, good luck with your offline endeavors, "Thom"! ^__^ I'll miss you!
[I just saw this and I wanted to say it was a great send off. A lot of it rang true to me, and I couldn't agree more with the third paragraph. Good luck with everything.]
radiohead <3
Apologies to my earlier post