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Ed now has a journal.

Everyone please go welcome, now, also from my.. from Radiohead.. ed_obrien. Thank you.

When I get to be on here more I'm going to work on my coding a bit and color-code my friends' entries.

Any new ideas for a screenname for me? I Might Be Thom was indeed taken. I liked that one too. Who really might be Thom but me anyway? I'll have to investigate.. from a safe distance.

Much later,

Also; I love you Rachel. I hope I do make you happy. Please understand I don't ever mean to be distant, and besides most of my bandmates you are the one person I trust. Forever love; our souls joined as one, fused by the moment I first saw you, held together by a growing love I hope never freezes and dies, stutters or falls. We're going to be a-ok, love. Just you watch.
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My darling, A love so warm as the one I have for you could never freeze or die. The certainty of adority I hold for you could never stutter and the strength of the affection of mine that you possess could never fall. You are are the only one I trust, and the only one I love.

My Endless love,
I want to spend every waking moment I have with you Rachel, every dying breath given to you to rest in peace, every beat my heart takes given to you, every word I say only to you, my love, you are my world, the air I breath, my safety, my satisfaction, my reaction, my food and my drink, my love, only for you, do I think, do I whisper, do I speak, do I need. For you I yearn and for you I crave. Every day I live, and even once I'm gone to my grave.

Aw, darling, that is so sweet and the feeling is indeed mutual. I couldn't spend my life with anyone else, for I wouldn't be alive without you. My eyes are only for you, and my heart. And everything else for that matter. I'd never hurt you or ever let anyone else harm you or take you from me.

My endless love,
seems too puppy loveish to me.
you two really are one. it must be beautiful to truly be in love.